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Coaching and management

Coach and manager appointments for 2019 for The Gap NPLW group

Technical DirectorAlan Waller
Women's 1st Team CoachGary Ward
Women's 1st Team ManagerHelen Sabel
Under 18 CoachChris Saxil
Under 18 ManagerAmie Weygood
Under 18 ManagerGayle Sperling
Under 15 CoachAlan Waller
Under 15 ManagerDavid Dunne
Under 13 CoachRuss Millar
Under 13 ManagerTracey Fletcher
Under 13 ManagerKim Lawrence
SAP Head CoachTony Skinner
Under 12 CoachTony Skinner
Under 12 ManagerNicki Faulds
Under 10 CoachGary Ward
Under 10 ManagerLinda Apps