Vacancy: Social Media/Website Content Coordinator

By Juniors Editor on

This role needs someone who will periodically check the club’s website and Facebook content is up to date, draft the wording for new messages and posts, and nag a couple of folks to send across current photos.

And then send the updates across to the website administrator. Easily done from the comfort of your own computer, at any waking hour you choose.

Why you?

Because if too few people have to do too much, we break!

We are all volunteers so that means we can keep the player costs down, but unfortunately, unless we get more volunteers urgently pitching in, we will need to implement a paid role, which will end up with higher player fees and we desperately want to avoid that.

If you are willing to discuss this (or other solutions you have) please send an email to Simon at

Thanks for your time and support.

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