Vacancy: In-house Coordinator

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TGFC is looking for an In-House Coordinator to be the manager of Squirts and U6-U7 in-house teams (approx. 12 teams).

  • Final decision maker for all included age groups (with support of Miniroos Director).
  • Supports U6 and U7 age group coordinators.
  • Liaises with other volunteers at the club for various things such as end-of-season celebrations, photos, and equipment.
  • Liaises with Ginger Sports provider (Squirts).

This role can be done from the comfort of your home computer, in your own spare time. It's typically busier from October–February, tapering off a lot during the season. As we are all volunteers, we really just appreciate any help anyone can give us.

Who does this suit?

This role will be great for a parent who:

  • Is considering returning to the workforce and wants to sharpen up their communication/technology skills, while also staying active with their child’s activities.
  • Has a couple of hours per week, and is happy to do a bit of email/Excel, etc, here and there.
  • Might want to stay anonymous (or not) but is happy to pitch in.
  • Is a flexible team player and able to support other volunteers – both practically and emotionally!
  • Likes to be in the know and in control.
  • Would like to help out but can’t commit to more intense/frequent jobs like coaching.
  • Is a whiz at coordinating and being organised would be amazing.

 You might have a buddy who is happy to share the gig with you. That’s great, we’re super happy to work out options that get the job done.

We recognise that everyone is super busy so we are looking to negotiate fee reductions with parents willing to take on one of the new roles.

This role will report to the Miniroos Coordinator.

Why you?

Because if too few people have to do too much, we break!

We are all volunteers so that means we can keep the player costs down, but unfortunately, unless we get more volunteers urgently pitching in, we will need to implement a paid role, which will end up with higher player fees and we desperately want to avoid that.

If you are willing to discuss this (or other solutions you have) please send an email to Simon at

Thanks for your time and support.


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