Vacancy: Goals Manager

By Juniors Editor on

The club desperately needs someone who will take ownership of maintaining the goals located at the club and two primary schools.

This role doesn’t need frequent attention, it's just a matter of getting the goals checked over periodically, fitting new nets as needed and generally being handy with a screwdriver.

Now is the busy time for this gig, then it's really just occasional once the season is underway.

You might have a buddy who is happy to share the gig with you. That’s great, we’re super happy to work out options that get the job done.

Why you?

Because if too few people have to do too much, we break!

We are all volunteers so that means we can keep the player costs down, but unfortunately, unless we get more volunteers urgently pitching in, we will need to implement a paid role, which will end up with higher player fees and we desperately want to avoid that.

If you are willing to discuss this (or other solutions you have) please send an email to Simon at

Thanks for your time and support.

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