Silence on the sidelines at The Gap FC

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A Queensland first

In a Queensland first, The Gap FC will this weekend as parents, coaches and supporters of its in-house football competitions adhere to a “Silent Sidelines” policy in order simply to let the children play.

The initiative has been brought to the club by Technical Director Gerry McAvoy, after discussions with counterparts in England and Ireland where the policy has been running successfully for five years.

“Silent Sidelines” will apply to The Gap’s U6, U7 and U8 age groups this weekend – age groups that are held totally in-house, meaning all the players are from the club.

The idea is that coaches and spectators should remain “silent” and not shout instructions to players on the pitch, allowing our young players to play with freedom and make their own decisions. This in turn also gives the players more responsibility for their own game.

This is the KEY… it aids in their development as players and lets them have fun – the only voices heard are the children’s.

Why do you think this is? Because the game is about the children, not the parents, and the kids are there to try to apply what they have learnt at training in game situations.

To make this successful we need to have the parents and coaches believe in this concept and “let the children play”. After this weekend, we will roll the policy out to older age groups and encourage visiting clubs to also get involved. The plan is to have silence on the sidelines for one age bracket or another once a month throughout the season.

As a club we are looking forward to being a part of this great initiative and encourage the support of our parents and coaches.

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