Road to the finals

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It is well known that teams that stay on the field perform better. Leicester City is a prime example. They were able to out-perform all comers in 2016 in large part due to an incredibly low injury rate. At the other end of the spectrum, Manchester City struggled to keep their best team on the park, and under-performed as a result.

We’ve seen this season that a few injuries to players have impacted heavily on the team performance. Working in our physio clinics and with athletes, we see that many injuries start as small niggles only to develop into injuries that mean missing a number of games.

Just do a quick body check now. Are you feeling a little stiff after training or a game? Tight in the hammies? As we approach the finals, fatigue becomes a factor and a  quick recovery is the key to both improved performance and injury prevention. No-one wants to be on the sidelines come finals time, do they?

While physio can help assess muscle injuries (PhysioWorks are at the club on Tuesday nights, and it’s free for quick injury check), a great sports massage can often loosen things up to help you recover more quickly. A good sports massage therapist can also feel localised tightness before you even notice tightness.

If that sounds like you, consider a massage. PhysioWorks has two great massage therapists at our Ashgrove clinic, Heidi and Katherine. Both do an awesome job with our sporting population, just like you. Maybe one of the reasons the Firebirds just won the ANZ netball championship is also someone who can help you too!

Enjoy the run into the finals on the pitch and not on the bench. Let’s keep kicking goals!

PS: Don’t forget to use your players and members discount at one of our PhysioWorks clinics below:

  • Ashgrove – 3366 4221 – 480 Waterworks Rd, Ashgrove, 4060
  • Clayfield – 3862 4544 – 789 Sandgate Rd, Clayfield, 4011
  • Sandgate – 3269 1122 – 18 Bowser Pde, Sandgate, 4017

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