Recovering after a match

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Have you ever felt sore or had an increase in muscle tightness a day or two after a big game?

You might need to adjust your recovery process to ensure these effects are kept to a minimum. There are 7 things you should consider to help aid your recovery.

  1. Cool down and stretch – Spend about 10-15minutes after you exercise stretching the major muscle groups in your body such as back, hips and legs.
  2. Replace fluids – Water and sports drinks are the best for rehydrating. Avoid caffeine and alcoholic drinks.
  3. Compression garments – Can wear during and up to 48 hours after exercise. They help aid venous return, reduce exercise induced muscle damage and improve lactic acid removal.
  4. Nutrition – Carbohydrates for replenishing energy stores and protein for muscle repair.
  5. Cold-water therapy – Have a cold shower or bath within 24 hours of exercise to help reduce muscle soreness and aid recovery.
  6. Soft tissue massage – Improves circulation and decreases muscle tension. You can see your physio, massage therapist or use your foam roller.
  7. Sleep – During sleep your body produces Growth Hormone, which is responsible for tissue growth and repair.

If you are experiencing any muscle tightness, injury or wanting advice on injury prevention measures or if you are interested in improving your performance, please make an appointment to see the Gap Gators team physiotherapist Kat Gibson at our Kelvin Grove Clinic. 

A: AMA Place, 88 L’Estrange Terrace, Kelvin Grove 4059
P: (07) 3856 5566

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