Play for lives not points

By Juniors Editor on

Former Socceroo Craig Foster is leading an initiative to support students in need during the current crisis utilising sporting resources.

One of the initiatives he has led is to organise clubs to receive food donations for charitable distribution to international students stranded in Australia and struggling financially to support themselves. There are already 600 international students registered in Brisbane in need of food assistance.

The concept is simple: if you can, please donate of 2-3 non-perishable food items. We will store them for a short period (no more than a day), and arrange collection of the items which are then taken to one of four distribution points within Brisbane where students in need can collect a support package.

Many of these students are stranded in Australia with little or no means of generating income as the service industries they typically work in are closed and unfortunately fall outside of the government’s assistance programs, leaving them extremely vulnerable. This charitable effort has been coordinated through the various embassies and consulates in Sydney and locally, here in Brisbane, via the various Chambers of Commerce.

If you would like to donate, please leave your donations at the old RSL room near the home dressing room below the clubhouse.

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