New Women's City League team for 2020

By Juniors Editor on

In 2020, The Gap FC is looking to expand its participation in Football Brisbane’s Women's City League by establishing a new team to be our top Football Brisbane competition team for female players.

We currently have two social teams competing in the Women's City League – one in Division 4 and one in Division 5 – however, the club has recognised that there is a growing talent pool of female players within our junior ranks and are keen to ensure that there is a pathway, and the opportunity, for female players to continue to play a high level of competitive football at The Gap once they become seniors.

The core of this new team will be made up of the 2019 U16 Div 1 Girls Premiership-winning team, but there are still spaces available for players to join this young and talented squad. If you are interested, please email your details, including recent playing history and preferred position, to

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