Miniroo parents, we want you!

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This season The Gap FC Juniors is implementing a new coaching format for our Miniroo players.

Our goal is to:

  • improve the overall standard of player development and enjoyment, 
  • provide consistent coaching to the players,
  • support parents who don't feel confident but are willing to help out.

 We are looking for parents to volunteer as coaches across the miniroo ages U6–U12.

With our new format it won't matter whether you've coached or played football before; you won't be alone, and you won't be flying blind.

All are welcome and encouraged to come down and meet the Junior Director of Coaching, Jason Powell, as he explains the new format and how simply volunteer parents will be able to make it work.

It would be really great if two or three parents from each team attended the sessions so you could support each other through the season.

Don't know what team you're in / if you'll be coaching? It doesn't matter, come on down! Even if you're not planning to coach, it would be great for you to get an understanding of how the season's going to work. Sideline parents who don't know what's going on are usually the hardest part of the job for coaches.

Even if you've coached before we'd also like to see you there so everyone gets in on the plan together: 

  • U6–U8 Thursday 18 January 7:15–7.45 pm, Field 2
  • U9–U12 Thursday 18 January 7:45– 8:30 pm, Field 2
  • U9-U12 Komodo coaches – Monday 22 January 7:15–7:45 pm, Field 2

If you're interested in attending

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