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We are a family business founded and run by Jocelyne and Patrice Moutou. Originally from Mauritius, we were brought up on freshly-made, organic meals made daily from locally sourced ingredients. This approach to a nutritious and balanced cuisine has always been a part of our lives and is a belief we often share within the Ashgrove community through cooking at school fetes, and cooking for friends, neighbours and other local families.

Our love and passion for cooking is a well-known fact about our family and something we would like to share with the rest of the Brisbane community.

Créolités is our newest range of fresh Mauritian-influenced meals that are suitable for everyone. Why not give it a try by ordering online on our Facebook page Creolites.Mauritian.Cuisine. We operate out of the 5 stars commercial kitchen on the lower ground floor of The Gap Gators Football clubhouse where you can pick up your order.

Beef Salmi (Beef Creole Style) - Marinated beef slowly cooked in tomatoes, onions, spices, herbs and red wineChicken Khalia - A flavoursome chicken curry cooked in yoghurt, potatoes and spices finished off with the wonderful saffron threads.

Note: The majority of our food is naturally-free from gluten and we offer a range of vegetarian options.

Order online from our Facebook page.

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