2014 Junior Survey Results

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Dear parents, carers and guardians,

The planning for 2015 is now well underway and registration time will be here before we know it. We are looking to boost our volunteer numbers in 2015 and we will be seeking help for specific roles across the junior section, please keep an eye out for emails on this subject and if you can please put your hand up to help it would be greatly appreciated.

We are looking to improve in many areas and one of the key messages from the survey was a desire to see more and better equipment and an improved training environment. We are planning to significantly increase our spending in this area to secure more and better products and we will look to build our training schedules to ensure a smarter way for teams to access space and fields. Field access will continue to be a challenge given the sheer number of players we attract to our club and we are always exploring cost effective options. As I write this we are praying for rain to help repair the grounds in time for the preseason and reduce the massive cost of using commercial water supplies.

Another key message centred on the level of coaching and whilst there was a lot of positive comments there is also room for improvement. You may have already seen that we have been successful in bringing coaching courses to our Club and this is a major achievement by those involved. We encourage as many of you as possible to attend these courses irrespective of the number of years you have been coaching, it would be good to see them booked out and all attendees being TGFC coaches.

Communication was another area that attracted comments and this is an area we have demonstrably improved in but we still need to get better. Our Facebook page has seen a growth in club posts, we have increased our email traffic and revamped the website increasing the volume of articles and content. All of this is done by volunteers, one in particular, and is time consuming but it is the most cost effective method for getting information out to our 1,200 odd club members. Please monitor these 3 key communication channels and if you feel you can help us improve it please put your hand up and let me know.

On top of all the above there is a vast amount of work being done by a strong core of volunteers during the off season to improve the Club facilities and operations and subsequently deliver a greatly improved experience for all our members.

Please see the PDF below for an outline of the results of the 2014 Junior Parent Survey and I think you will agree that for a club of our size being run by volunteers they are a fantastic result.

Thanks in anticipation of your support in 2015.

Peter Randall
Junior Chairman

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