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By Juniors Editor on

Hi all TGFC families,

Our volunteers are desperately needing your input and support. Our very small team is stretched beyond reason and without some urgent assistance, we will be unable to maintain the high level of support we provide to your players.

Just to give some idea of what’s involved (by no means is this list exhaustive of all the volunteers it takes to get football kicking off):

  • At the moment our Miniroos coordinator is responsible for up to 50 teams. That means she has to communicate to 6 age coordinators, 50 managers, more than 400 families, Football Brisbane, and other clubs. Luckily this year we have a Miniroos technical director, who has taken responsibility for communicating to the 50 coaches.
  • Our amazing age coordinators respond to the extremely high number of parent requests, doing all they possibly can to accommodate all sorts of requests from team demands, game time changes, FAQs, etc.
  • Our coaches help mould keen young players into capable team members, working to bring out each player’s strengths, work on their weaknesses, while at the same time grow their love of the game.
  • Our managers help the team stay on track. Making sure folks are at the right place at the right time.
  • Our website administrator ensures messages and photos are posted, updates about field status and generally keeps an eye on the social media requests posted to the club.
  • Not to mention that we are extremely lucky to have two retirees who volunteer too many hours every week to maintain the beautiful fields of which we are so proud.
  • Our Board is made up of members who are all volunteers and who have day jobs but dedicate many hours a week to keeping the club facing forward.

All of these people are critically important to keeping the dream alive.

Over the next few days we will be posting jobs that we’d love to put a new name to.

So please keep an eye on the club website and Facebook for updates.

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