Get Started round 3 opens at 10am on Monday 10 February 2014

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Who can apply for a Get Started voucher?

Children and young people from the age of five and under the age of 18 who are residents of Queensland and:

  • hold or whose parent, guardian or carer holds a Centrelink Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card
  • Other children or young people identified by two referral agents.

You must be the parent, guardian or carer of the child/young person you are applying for.

If a child is eligible for Get Started, they are not guaranteed a voucher. The funding will be distributed in two rounds each year on a first come, first served basis. Once the allocation for each round is exhausted, the program will close and no further vouchers will be offered for that round.

*The eligibility criteria are applied at the time of application.

New process for using referral agents

A completed fact sheet or a signed referral agent statement in the form of an email or letter on letterhead is now also required as part of the application process for those using referral agents. For more details, please view the Fact Sheet for Parents, Guardians and Carers (PDF, 735K)*.

Where can I present the voucher?

  • Before applying for a voucher, you should confirm that the club your child is interested in joining is registered for Get Started by checking the club locator.
  • You are encouraged to discuss membership and/or participation with the club your child is interested in joining to find out about any additional costs, times for training/playing and other club membership requirements.
  • If you are successful in applying, print the Get Started voucher and take it to a registered club prior to the voucher expiry date. In return, you should receive up to $150 off the cost of membership and/or participation fees for the child or young person named on the voucher.
  • You will still be required to complete and comply with the sport or recreation club's membership and/or participation process. Receiving a voucher does not ensure that membership will be accepted by a club.

New activity supported

Under a special Women and Girls initiative, parents, guardians and carers can use a Get Started voucher for dance activities at the following organisations registered for the program:

  • Police Citizen Youth Clubs (PCYCs)
  • organisations affiliated to Queensland Gymnastics Association Inc, DanceSport Limited Australia and DrillDance Queensland
  • organisations that satisfy the criteria through the provision of other eligible sport or recreation activities, e.g. calisthenics, marching, cheerleading or gymnastics.

Voucher expiry

Get Started vouchers must be presented to a registered club by 15 May 2014.  Please check with the club to ensure they will accept vouchers during this time. If you apply and are successful in obtaining a voucher for a child or young person and do not present it to a club before the expiry date, the child or young person will not be eligible for another voucher until the next calendar year.

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