Gap in safe hands for 2018

By Juniors Editor on

Alex Clarke of PhysioWorks with BPL head coach Trevor Rohdmann

The Gap FC is proud to announce the continuing partnership with PhysioWorks, Ashgrove supporting the men’s BPL program in 2018.

Alex Clarke from PhysioWorks was pleased to again be working with the teams and ensuring players were ready for each game throughout the season.

Alex and his team will be working closely with The Gap FC coaching team and Ryan Scott from Snap Fitness to ensure player performance is monitored and optimised.

The PhysioWorks team will continue pre-season screening, and will add mid-season screening as well. Match day coverage and triage on Tuesday training sessions will continue plus they will be extending the Tuesday player injury triage to include the under 18 squads, in order to keep all players on the park and performing at their best.

They have also offered services to senior men’s group players with significantly reduced treatment fees if required.

Alex will also provide a risk management training program for team managers and coaches early next year incorporating an improved injury reporting system.

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