Easter holiday training and field closures

By Juniors Editor on

The Gap FC works hard to maintain quality playing surfaces for our teams, which generally requires closing fields to most training over holiday periods to give fields time to recover whilst many of our club members may also be taking a well deserved break. Given the amount of football lost to weather over the early part of the season, we are aware that many of our high performance teams may wish to continue training through the holidays, so will be providing teams with the option of training through the break.

Please note that all of our school training fields will be closed over the holiday period. If your team trains at Payne Rd or The Gap state schools, these sessions will need to be relocated to the club fields.

All Komodo, BYPL, U13 Div 1, NPL, and Men's teams who already train at TGFC fields are given clearance to train as per their normal schedule for the two weeks of the school holidays. 

For teams who train at our school training fields, you must schedule sessions with your section Technical Director (Jason Hawke for Juniors, Alan Waller for NPL). We will endeavour to fit all teams that wish to train in at the club, but may need to change days and times to accommodate requests.

In addition to this, all teams training will recommence on Monday 22 April (Easter Monday holiday) as games recommence for all junior teams on the following weekend (26–28th of April).

Should age group Head Coaches desire other teams within their age groups to train during the holidays, please contact your section Technical Director to assess if this is possible.

Training schedules will be at the discretion of the Technical Director for each group, so please ensure you contact your team manager for final training details. 

We thank everyone for their patience and understanding over the start of the season when fields have been closed, and hope you have a happy and safe holiday.

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