Changes to The Gap FC's Under 8s in 2014

By Editor on

The Gap FC management committee will shortly be releasing and open letter to our members outlining major changes to the clubs infrastructure in 2014 and beyond. As a result, there is a strong possibility that our Under 8s fixtures will take place on Friday nights, at the club, in 2014. The first game would kick off at 6 pm and all games would be concluded by 7:30 pm. These time slots would fit 4 games, meaning 8 teams would feature on the Friday night. There is also an overflow option for early Saturday if really needed (which we are trying to avoid).

There are several reasons for this change. Notably:

  • It would reduce wear on our number one asset being the club fields, enabling a better playing surface for an extended period for all. The club currently spends approximately $100,000.00 per annum on our fields as to ensure that they are among the best (and stay among the best) in South East Queensland;
  • Less congestion both at the canteen and in the car park;
  • Very positive feedback from parents of other codes who's children play on a Friday night thus freeing up their weekend;
  • New lighting on Field 3/4 as to meet a very high standard of visibility which the Under 8s would be able to capitalise on;
  • The bar and clubhouse will be fully operational for all members to enjoy on Friday nights. Thus, making better use of current building infrastructure; and
  • Parents/ guardians enjoying the social aspect of mingling with other like minded parents/ guardians

We have made this announcements so that all members are fully aware of the likely changes.

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