Australian Sports Foundation - The Gap Football Club Redevelopment

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The Australian Sports Foundation has some new initiatives.

One of the most exciting initiatives for our project partners is the introduction of an online donation capability. Each project is now automatically set up with its own unique online donation pageTo see what your donation will go towards, please visit our clubhouse redevelopment page.

In addition, we have also implemented a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system which has meant we have made some changes to project processes, in particular:

  • how donations are processed
  • how your donors will receive their receipts
  • how we will provide regular reports on donation

Donation and receipting processes

We encourage you to refer donors to your project page on our website to make their donation online as the process is automated and very user friendly. Another great benefit of online donations is that donors will receive an automated receipt for tax purposes via email as soon as the donation is processed.

Of course, donors can still complete the existing donation form for your project and forward these to us for processing.  However, these donors will also now receive an automated receipt via email as soon as our team has processed their donation.  As you will appreciate, this reduces greatly the administrative burden for both the ASF and your organisation in producing and mailing out receipts manually (and reduces postage costs for everyone!). For this reason, it is imperative that email addresses are now provided by all donors. For a transitional period, where donors do not provide an email address, their receipt can still be posted direct to them by our team; however our aim is to email all receipts going forward.


At the end of each month, every project organisations that has received donations will be emailed a report detailing their donor activity. This will help you keep track of your fundraising efforts and send a thank you to your donors!

Lastly, we are now on Facebook! We’d love you to join our online community and help us spread the word about fundraising for sport and all the great projects and organisations we work with.

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