Advice to members about COVID-19

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We hope you and your families are keeping safe.

As the staged relaxations of COVID 19 begin today (Saturday 16 May), many have been asking whether this means we are going to be back at training, and when we can get back to playing games. After this week’s meetings and discussions with Football Brisbane and Football Queensland, who have been in regular discussions with Queensland Sports, it is expected that organised sporting clubs will be part of Stage 2 and Stage 3 relaxations. This means that organised team training is anticipated for the week beginning 12 June, (Stage 2 relaxations), and games are hopefully to start in July (Stage 3). The Queensland Government has not formally confirmed this as yet.


Queensland is looking to the NSW format in relation to physical distancing, so we anticipate training will be very different from normal, with restrictions impacting things such as how many players training on a field at one time. Physical distancing rules will be strictly enforced. We will be working on what this looks like over the coming weeks, but even after we reach Stage 3 in July, things will need to be carefully planned and managed. We will work closely with the coaches and managers to ensure all teams are fully informed and complying.


We are expecting our season to be extended into November for many teams, but these details are still being reviewed by clubs and the governing bodies. Our priority is to provide our members with a safe environment to play as much of the sport they love as possible, and as the details become more finalised, we will let you know.


It is important for players to recognise that pre-season is now! You may have been stuck at home for ages, but now is the time to get some individual fitness work started and get ready to play. We are not going to have a long lead-in to the start of games, so it is going to be up to you to get up and motivated. Your coaches will be in contact with you soon to give you ideas on getting football fit and ready to go, so watch your email and pump up that ball, because football time is coming!

Thanks to all of our members who have been so patient whilst we work through trying to restart 2020. We truly appreciate your support. As your club, we are looking forward to safely being together again and seeing our 70+ teams running around at Walton Bridge.

Once again, if you haven’t downloaded the COVIDSafe app, please do so, as this is an additional measure that will assist in the restart of football.

We will provide further information to members as soon as we are able, and continue to look forward to a great 2020 season.

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