60th anniversary plans

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Gap Football History Project and Club Stalwarts/Alumni Group

This year the Gap Football Club (formerly The Gap Pastime Club) is celebrating its 60th anniversary!

As part of these celebrations we are looking to do the following:

  1. Undertake a History Project – we are seeking to contact people who have been associated with the club throughout the past 60 years. Specifically we are looking to invite anyone who has been a player, coach, manager, parent, committee member, life member or volunteer at this wonderful club to assist us in contributing to our 60th birthday and creating a better record of the club’s long history.

    What we would like is for anyone who has any photos, newsletters, programs or other material or memorabilia, or even a story or anecdote they would like to share, that is connected with The Gap Football Club to contact us so that we can include this in the 60th celebrations.

  2. Establish a Club Stalwarts/Alumni Group – the club is considering the establishment of a Stalwarts or Alumni Group designed to bring back a lot of our long-serving associates to enjoy a more regular social connection, and contribute to fundraising and be part of other club support activities and events as a way of giving back to the club. The type of activities in which the Stalwarts/Alumni Group may participate may include:
    • promoting opportunities for former players, parents, coaches, managers, officials and supporters to continue their association and support of the Club
    • encouraging support of current teams including attendance at games
    • promoting the use of the clubhouse amongst members and the wider public
    • conducting fundraising activities in keeping with the plans and policies of The Gap FC
    • sporting events such as golf days or group bookings at major sports events
    • social functions (to be held at the Clubhouse whenever possible)
    • film events
    • club award/reward events and initiatives

If you would like to see a group such as this formed and become operational at The Gap FC, and would either like to assist in its establishment or simply become a participating member, please let us know via the club email.

Both of these proposed club initiatives during our 60th anniversary are part of the club’s objective of enabling people to enjoy the club’s recently refurbished facilities, and allowing as many of us as possible to enjoy our wonderful history, friendship and camaraderie.

At this stage Wally Vicig, Steve Maugham, Corey Hall and Ken Swan have been assisting in scoping and promoting these initiatives. If you would like to contribute in any way or be part of these initiatives, please contact the club Secretary John Mullaney via email directly at gapfcsec@gmail.com.

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