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Junior Section Player Recruitment Philosophy

The following information is relevant to our Football Brisbane Competition teams only.

Over the years our club has tried many recruitment models for our high-performance teams participating in the Football Brisbane under 8 to 16 age groups. We have also watched with interest the annual purge of players and subsequent mass team trials that occurs at other clubs and the effect this has on both player availability, welfare and development. We have also analysed successful development focussed clubs and their approach to player retention and the establishment of meaningful pathways for juniors into their senior teams.

We concluded there is no right or wrong way of executing the formation of teams and player recruitment as each club will have different strategies and philosophies that ultimately drives their actions.

As a result, a few seasons ago, we decided to move away from wholesale trials every year and focus on retaining and developing our current players even though we understood this could impact our ability to, in the short term, win premierships and grand finals. This also enabled the retention or otherwise of players, and in some instances parents of players, that were a good fit for our club’s culture, strategic direction and ultimately our desired reputation.

Following our recent strategic review there emerged a clear desire to continue down this path and further strengthen our commitment to player and club loyalty.

Our philosophy is to:

  • promote from within where possible
  • encourage and support players who wish to move to a higher league outside of our club
  • only recruit players externally when a clear need to do so can be demonstrated, and
  • there are no internal options available, and
  • the player can fill a position we need, and
  • they are of the right character that aligns with our club culture and expectations, and
  • their parent(s)/guardian(s) will align with our club culture and expectations.

Our philosophy, procedures and strategy continue to evolve and whilst not perfect they are moving towards a point that will see the long-term benefits of:

  • greater focus on player welfare and enjoyment of the game
  • clear and consistent player pathways
  • increased loyalty to our club
  • sustainable growth in both player numbers and competent and capable coaches
  • wider recognition of the importance that our club plays in the holistic development of local players and coaches.