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U8 Ground Marshals

Duties and Responsibilities

The team listed on the draw as Ground Marshal for a particular date will nominate a person, or people, from their team to act as the Ground Marshal for the day and will be responsible for the following activities:

  1. Arrive no later than 6:00pm. Normally there will be a committee member or other club volunteer who has opened the equipment room who will help you out.
  2. Help move the goals on the fields into place. Before you start, the goals will be chained together and chained to the fence. A key to unlock the padlock is available from the canteen.
  3. Collect the marshal's box which contains a megaphone and high visibility vest from the canteen or a committee member.

Once set up the following activities will be required:

  1. Make yourself known to the referees and assist them with anything they might need. Ensure that coaches, managers and spectators do not discuss the game with the referees for any reason. If they have concerns, they must only speak to the Ground Marshal who can choose whether any further action is required.  Keep in mind that the referees are young players from the club and need our full support.
  2. Two minutes before game time use the speaker on the megaphone to give a warning to coaches and managers to get their team on the field.
  3. On game time, give 1 blast of the siren on the megaphone to signify kick off and start timing.
  4. To indicate halftime after 20 minutes of play and full time after another 20 minutes of play, give 1 short blast of the siren. The halftime break is 5 minutes.
  5. Repeat the process for starting the second half.
  6. Whilst carrying out the duties as a Ground Marshal you must ensure that all spectators are well behaved and observe the code of conduct. Please avoid the use of derogatory language and be consistent, objective and courteous in dealing with any unruliness. Please ensure that you report any incidents to a member of the Junior Committee.
  7. Where safety zones or technical areas are marked, please ensure that only coaches and players are in this zone at any time. This is for the safety of the players.

The Ground Marshal will be responsible for helping to put the goals back up against the fence (they don't need to be locked up again as they will be in use on Saturday morning), co-ordinating a cleanup of the pitch areas and returning the marshal's box to the canteen or a committee member in charge once the last game is finished at 8:00pm.

Game times


​20 minute halves 5 minute halftime break

  • 6:15pm
  • 7:10pm

If you need any help/assistance, email Louise or Steve