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Coaches Code of Conduct

At The Gap FC we maintain the highest standards as a coaching community. Please ensure that the following rules are adhered to at all times.

  • Under no circumstances is criticism or negative commentary towards players tolerated at this club. Without exception provide positive feedback and then focus on areas for improvement; if players are not improving it is a coaching issue and not a player issue so please seek support if required.
  • Do not enter the field of play for any reason unless specifically invited to do so by the referee.
  • All substitutions must be made at the halfway line; please ensure that the substituted player leaves the field of play before the substitute enters.
  • Please minimise intensive or loud coaching from the sidelines. Where possible use training, half-time and post-match meetings to provide coaching instructions.
  • Please do not allow parents or managers to coach or instruct players from the sidelines under any circumstances.  All club members will be informed of this requirement and Ground Marshals have been asked to ensure that this is adhered to.
  • Please do not speak to the referee about running the game, rules or decisions made during the game.  Please speak to the Ground Marshal or a club official should you have any concerns and feedback will be provided to the referees coordinator.
  • Please ensure that all comments to players, coaches and parents are positive and constructive.  Be respectful to your players, the opposition players, the opposition coach, match officials and parents at all times.
  • Please ensure that only coaches and substitutes are within 1.5m of the edge of the pitch to create a safety zone for our players..

 Please take the time to review sections 5.1 and 7.1 of the Club Handbook which contains The Gap FC and FFA Codes of Conduct for coaches.

The club asks you to support and actively promote these policies and values which will ensure that our players have a challenging, positive and enjoyable experience at our club.