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Additional Junior Football Programs

In the Club’s Strategic Plan for 2019–2021 we have committed to the provision of high quality and affordable player development programs over the long term that align with the Club’s philosophy and the FFA national curriculum.

Over the past 5 or so years we have trialled several models which have provided us with good insight into the pros and cons of each. Based on these learnings we have worked to build a junior development model that we believe is a long-term solution for our club and our junior players and will assist us to produce quality players for our senior teams and help players go on to play at their highest level possible.

In 2019, we launched our in-house Centre of Excellence, Skills Clinic and Back to Basics programs. We will appoint a Technical Director – Centre of Excellence to solely focus on the delivery of the new program. The TD will seek expressions of interest for paid coach roles to work across the program. The aim is to ensure that we have a maximum of 3–4 players per coach per session.

The program will deliver the following outcomes:

  • professional and focussed individual player development
  • high levels of participant satisfaction and player retention
  • providing an environment for our coaches to expand their knowledge and skills in the development of junior players
  • creating opportunities for greater engagement between our senior and junior players and coaches
  • demonstrate a clear Club commitment to the development of junior players

Centre of Excellence additional fees will apply

This program’s mission is to fine tune and enhance the technical skills and mental and physical attributes of our highest performing players with a view to them eventually transitioning into our senior high-performance teams.

This will be achieved by detailed analysis of a player’s strengths and weaknesses through more individualised coaching and feedback. Players will receive honest and constructive feedback through verbal and written communication and performance planning.

Skills clinics additional fees will apply

This program’s mission is to provide more individualised coaching of the four core skill sets to players who are demonstrating a real passion for football, a strong desire to learn and the behavioural attributes required to participate in this program. This will improve their chances of playing at higher levels both at junior and senior level and aid their transition into senior football.

Back to basics free program

This program’s mission is to help new and existing players who are struggling with the basic skills required to play football and are eager to learn and improve.

Quality assurance

The delivery will be regularly monitored through both qualitive and quantitative measurement including direct feedback from participants.

This page will be updated as more details are locked in and appointments made.