Senior Women

Female football has always been a feature of The Gap FC and we are proud of our history in this area. We remain committed to our Female Football Program in 2023 which is an integral part of our club.

The 2023 season will see us compete in the FQPL 2 Competition and we will continue to work hard on our ascendancy. We welcome  players new to the club who will join a supportive and collaborative environment focussed on player development.

A strong juniors program has seen the rise of many of our players culminating in a large proportion of our U23s being long-term Gap FC players. Our intent is to continue to build on this success and support our players from junior through to senior ranks by providing dedicated coaches and ancillary professionals.

For queries regarding our Senior Women’s Teams please contact

In 2023 our teams will participate in the following competitions:

High Performance

  • FQPL2 Opens
  • FQPL2 U23s Competition


  • Division 3 FQ Metro


  • Over 30s