A new registration process has been put in place by Football Queensland.

This new process came into effect on Wednesday, 1 March 2023. It will require completion of a three-step process for this season's football registration including the setup of a Squadi profile for all formats of football competitions in Queensland.

This does not apply to Season 2023 registrations made prior to 1 March.

Squadi, FQ's new online competition management software solution, is available online and through Google Play and the Apple App Store.

All participants are required to complete the following steps:

  1. Register in Majestri

    To complete your Club Registration requirements. No payment required.

  2. Register in PlayFootball

    To complete your National Registration requirements. No payment required. You will receive an email from FQ within 24 hours with a link to your Squadi Profile Creation Portal.

  3. Create your Squadi Profile

    To complete your playing eligibility, payment and all other competition management tools. Use the same email to create your Squadi profile as you use to log into PlayFootball.


2023 fees are due in full by 24th February 2023.

2023 fees are to be paid through PlayFootball .

NOTE: Players are not permitted to take to the field either for training or fixtures until their fees are paid in full.

Step 1 – Majestri

Step 1 in the registration process is Majestri, The Gap Football Club's internal registration system which links players to a team in TGFC.

All players must register in Majestri with TGFC.

Players are unable to commence the season unless registered in Majestri with TGFC.

Majestri can either be accessed through the general season registration page, or the club might send you a link which is specific to your own player's registration.

Note: Some players will have registered in Majestri when accepting a place in a 2023 High Performance Team, or when completing an early bird registration. If this relates to your player, you have already completed Step 1. There is no need to do it again. Start the process at Step 2.

Majestri process

  1. When visiting the 2023 season registration page for the first time, you will see this:

    Click on the green Register Now button.

  2. On the next page, enter your email address:

  3. You will be emailed a link to your personal registration page:

  4. When the email arrives, click on the blue Register for Season 2023 button:

  5. After clicking the button you will then be taken to Majestri where you can register your player/s.

    When you've registered a player, you will end up on a page where you can choose to finalise your registration or register another player:

  6. If you choose to finalise you will then be taken to a page with a button that will link you to PlayFootball to complete Step 2 of the process.

Note: If you started a registration at an earlier time, for instance, if you accepted an offer for a High-Performance Team, after you click on the button in the email, you will see a page like this:

If you end up on a page like this, you are able to modify your registration, for example, you can register another player, but when you've completed, you won't end on the page with a button that links diretly to PlayFootball .

If that's, the case, you can access PlayFootball directly: TGFC's PlayFootball registration page.

Step 2 – PlayFootball

PlayFootball is the registration system that links your player from The Gap Football Club to Football Australia and provides insurance coverage.

Players are unable to commence the season unless registered in PlayFootball .

You will need your player’s existing FFA number. Do not apply for a new number unless 2023 is the first season the player is attached to a registered FFA club.

  1. When you first visit TGFC's PlayFootball registration page, you will see this:

  2. If you haven't already, you will first be prompted to login or create an account:

  3. Once you've logged in you will be asked to choose who you're registering:

    If registering a child, you will either choose the option under I am registering a linked person or I a registering a new person if you haven't done it before.

  4. On the next page, you will be presented with a series of options that will vary based on your child's gender and age.

    The example below is for a teenage girl:

  5. On the next page, you will see the fee breakdown:

    If you've already registered one child and this is for a second, you can check the Sibling Discount box here.

  6. You will then enter the player's details:

  7. And upload a photo:

  8. For this question, select Yes unless you have just arrived from overseas.

  9. You will then be asked to review your order:

  10. On the next page, you can apply vouchers if you've been given one:

  11. Enter your payment details:

  12. And then you'll be done:

    If you have more than one player, you will choose Perform another registration

Further instructions on how to register in PlayFootball can be found on their Self-Registration Players page - PlayFootball registration help

Fees are to be paid in full in PlayFootball

Players are not registered for the 2023 season until their registration in both Majestri and PlayFootball has been completed.

Registration flowchart

Has the player already registered in the TGFC Majestri system for the 2023 season, e.g. through acceptance of a HPT offer, or by completing an early-bird registration?


  1. Start the remainder of the 2023 registration process in PlayFootball
  2. Complete the PlayFootball registration


  1. Start 2023 registration process in TGFC Majestri system via the Majestri website or a personal link.
  2. Complete TGFC Majestri registration
  3. Complete the PlayFootball registration

TGFC Contacts

For any problems or concerns with the registration process, please contact: TGFC Club Registrar –

For any questions regarding training, uniforms, teams etc., please contact the Club Administration Manager or the relevant Club Director:

TGFC Administration Turner
Youth High Murdoch
Miniroos (U6–U11) Maxwell
Youth Metro (U12–U16) Watson
Female Football Jones
Men’s Football Wilkinson

Volunteer for the 2023 season

TGFC cannot deliver a successful football season without the assistance of volunteers.

If you would like to coach or manage a team, please contact the Club Administration Manager or relevant Director.

If you wish to help out at special events, or have particular skills to offer – marketing, grant writing, maintenance, etc. – please contact our Volunteer Manager –

Help TGFC to help your children have a great football season!