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Men's football strategy and business plan 2019–2021

Following the work completed on the Club Strategic Plan, and its subsequent endorsement and approval of the Board, our attention turned to the Men's section operations and how we would support the club achieve its strategic objectives.

After completing a deep and far reaching review of our operations over the last three years we formed a clear and honest assessment of our current state (the A space).

We then looked to the future and worked through where we wanted to be and what our reputation would look like in 3 years (the B space of our business plan).

We adopted an AcdB model for our high-level business planning and in the spirit of transparency the detail can be seen in the Business Planning – The Details section.

Whilst we focused on the detail we also looked at our Purpose and Mission and from there we built our Strategic Model and Strategic Journey, which will help our volunteers, players, coaches and other interested parties to understand what will drive our section’s activity and focus for the next 3 years.

Thanks, in anticipation of your support.
Bob Clark
Director – Men's Football
The Gap Football Club

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