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Strategic Plan

The Gap Football Club's strategy and business plan 2019–2021

Whilst we are a not for profit volunteer organisation providing amateur football opportunities to our local community, we also understand that we need to set ourselves up for success in a very competitive environment. Hence, we have recently completed a review of our current culture, administration, resources, operations, financials and facilities to name a few areas. This has given us a very good understanding of where we currently are (the A space of our business plan).

We then looked to the future and worked through where we wanted to be and what our reputation would look like in 3 years (the B space of our business plan). We adopted an AcdB model for our high-level business planning and in the spirit of transparency the detail can be seen in the Business Planning – The Details section.

Whilst we focused on the detail we also looked at our Purpose and Mission and from there we built our Strategic Model which should help our members understand what will drives the Board’s activity and focus.

We will seek feedback from our members via a survey in the coming weeks and from that we hope to gain a better understanding of the things that matter and if we are moving in the right direction. We understand it is very important that people buy in to what we are trying to achieve and that the Strategy is a valid one.

Finally, before you move on to the details I would like to call upon all of you to consider how you might help us achieve success by volunteering some of your time, knowledge and skills to help us get from A to B.

Thanks in anticipation of your support.

Arch Bevis
The Gap Football Club