The Gap Football Club Strategic Plan 2023-2028

Mission: To be a passionate, community focused football club, where all players can develop their skills, build character and uphold the Club’s values.

    Strategic objectives

    • To identify and fill volunteer roles.
    • To field teams in social, competitive and high-level football competitions.
    • To have the best outcomes for all players through engagement, competition and retention.
    • To deliver robust onboarding programs for players, coaches and volunteers.
    • To improve governance and compliance within club operations.
    • To always be a football club that members are proud to belong to and support.

    Measures of success

    • 100% of club volunteer roles filled each year.
    • 90% retention of players and coaches each year.
    • The club has an overarching Technical Director.
    • High-performance teams will achieve at least a top 4 ladder finish.
    • All high-performance coaches will have a ‘C’ licence.
    • All Technical Directors will have a ‘B’ licence.
    • All competition coaches will have Game Day Training certification.
    • The club will have a suite of published policies, procedures and processes.
    • 100% compliance with Football Queensland provisions and achieve Silver Shield status.

    Our values

    • Teamwork
    • Humility
    • Effort
    • Gratitude
    • Achievement
    • Persistence

    Member experience

    • The club will be supported by a team of engaged volunteers.
    • All players, coaches, volunteers and members know what is expected of them.
    • All club members will uphold and demonstrate club values.
    • All relevant positions will comply with Football QLD and legislative requirements.
    • Members will have positive experiences.

    Football program

    • The club will have a structure that supports ongoing technical development.
    • Coaches and Technical Directors will hold qualifications relevant to their level of competition

    High Performance

    • All teams will be competitive.
    • The Club will hold Silver Shield status.


    • Continual improvement and development of all players.
    • Players will have the opportunity to participate in a shadow program.


    • Continual improvement and development of all players.
    • Players will have the opportunity to participate in a shadow program.
    • Players will continue to play football at the club.

    Finance and operations

    • The club will maintain a sustainable financial position through responsible financial management practices.
    • The club will invest in operations and services to attract spectators and events.
    • The club will maximise opportunities to attract external funding.


    • The club will sustain a future-focused ICT platform.

    Facilities and assets

    • The club will optimise the use of club assets to support club activities and events.
    • The club will have fit-for-purpose facilities that support our football program.
    • The club will deliver best practice facility and field management.
    • The club will have robust and resilient football fields.
    • The club will identify partnership opportunities to expand field utilisation for training and competition.