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Club History

The Gap Pastime Club was formed at a meeting at Oliver Twist’s residence at 1238 Waterworks Road on 17 February, 1955. Oliver envisaged a club similar to the Toowong Amateur Recreation Club covering as many sports as there were people interested in them. Hence the name The Gap Pastime Club.

The Gap, at the time, was a very rural suburb of Brisbane and there was still a small country town atmosphere.

The first sport to be played was cricket. Several games were played on land owned by Frank Easton (now Walton Bridge Reserve) in 1955. In 1956 the club got involved with soccer, cricket and women’s softball. At this time the club was badgering the council to resume the land at Walton Bridge so it could be leased to the new club.

Between 1956 and 1957 the club was able to share the lease of Jubliee Park, Bardon for both soccer and cricket.

In 1958/59 a concerted effort by Oliver Twist and solicitor Arch Rowlands resulted in the Brisbane City Council securing the land at Walton Bridge and granting The Gap Pastime Club a lease in 1959. The land known as Walton Bridge Reserve.

Over the years The Gap Pastime Club has supported the following sports:

  • Men’s, juniors and women’s soccer
  • Senior cricket
  • Junior cricket
  • Softball
  • Women’s netball
  • Tennis
  • Basketball

The new club chose the colours of gold and purple from the suburb name (GAP – gold and purple) and still uses these colours today for all uniforms. On 18 October 1990, The Gap Pastime Club was incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981.

The club has experienced changes over the past 50 years and today many of the sports are no longer played at the club. Many volunteers have donated their time to the club and it is their hard work that has made the club what it is today.

Today the club's facilities are focused on football.

For a full history of the club you can contact The Gap Pastime Club Incorporated or The Gap Pioneer and History Group Incorporated. The Gap Pioneer and History Group Incorporated produced a special publication to celebrate The Gap Pastime Club Incorporated’s 50th anniversary.