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Miniroos Under 8 Draw

Reveal past rounds

= Grounds marshal for the day | 2 = 2nd game

117 Mar1Sydney FCWestern Sydney Wanderers06:15pmField 3A
17 Mar2Central Coast MarinersPerth Glory07:10pmField 3A
17 Mar3Newcastle JetsBrisbane Roar06:15pmField 3B
224 Mar1Newcastle JetsWestern Sydney Wanderers06:15pmField 3A
24 Mar2Sydney FCCentral Coast Mariners07:10pmField 3A
24 Mar3Brisbane RoarPerth Glory06:15pmField 3B
421 Apr1Sydney FCNewcastle Jets06:15pmField 3A
21 Apr2Brisbane RoarCentral Coast Mariners07:10pmField 3A
21 Apr3Perth GloryWestern Sydney Wanderers06:15pmField 3B
528 Apr1Brisbane RoarSydney FC06:15pmField 3A
28 Apr2Perth GloryNewcastle Jets07:10pmField 3A
28 Apr3Western Sydney WanderersCentral Coast Mariners06:15pmField 3B
65 May1Brisbane RoarSydney FC06:15pmField 3A
5 May2Newcastle JetsPerth Glory07:10pmField 3A
5 May3Central Coast MarinersWestern Sydney Wanderers06:15pmField 3B
712 May1Western Sydney WanderersNewcastle Jets06:15pmField 3A
12 May2Central Coast MarinersSydney FC07:10pmField 3A
12 May3Perth GloryBrisbane Roar06:15pmField 3B
819 May1Perth GlorySydney FC06:15pmField 3A
19 May2Brisbane RoarWestern Sydney Wanderers07:10pmField 3A
19 May3Newcastle JetsCentral Coast Mariners06:15pmField 3B
926 May1Central Coast MarinersBrisbane Roar06:15pmField 3A
26 May2Newcastle JetsSydney FC07:10pmField 3A
26 May3Western Sydney WanderersPerth Glory06:15pmField 3B
102 Jun1Western Sydney WanderersSydney FC06:15pmField 3A
2 Jun2Perth GloryCentral Coast Mariners07:10pmField 3A
2 Jun3Brisbane RoarNewcastle Jets06:15pmField 3B
119 Jun1Sydney FCWestern Sydney Wanderers06:15pmField 3A
9 Jun2Central Coast MarinersPerth Glory07:10pmField 3A
9 Jun3Newcastle JetsBrisbane Roar06:15pmField 3B
1216 Jun1Sydney FCCentral Coast Mariners06:15pmField 3A
16 Jun2Newcastle JetsWestern Sydney Wanderers07:10pmField 3A
16 Jun3Brisbane RoarPerth Glory06:15pmField 3B
1314 Jul1Sydney FCPerth Glory06:15pmField 3A
14 Jul2Western Sydney WanderersBrisbane Roar07:10pmField 3A
14 Jul3Central Coast MarinersNewcastle Jets06:15pmField 3B
1421 Jul1Sydney FCNewcastle Jets06:15pmField 3A
21 Jul2Brisbane RoarCentral Coast Mariners07:10pmField 3A
21 Jul3Perth GloryWestern Sydney Wanderers06:15pmField 3B
1528 Jul1Sydney FCBrisbane Roar06:15pmField 3A
28 Jul2Perth GloryNewcastle Jets07:10pmField 3A
28 Jul3Western Sydney WanderersCentral Coast Mariners06:15pmField 3B
164 Aug1Brisbane RoarSydney FC06:15pmField 3A
4 Aug2Newcastle JetsPerth Glory07:10pmField 3A
4 Aug3Central Coast MarinersWestern Sydney Wanderers06:15pmField 3B
1711 Aug1Central Coast MarinersSydney FC06:15pmField 3A
11 Aug2Western Sydney WanderersNewcastle Jets07:10pmField 3A
11 Aug3Perth GloryBrisbane Roar06:15pmField 3B
1818 Aug1Perth GlorySydney FC06:15pmField 3A
18 Aug2Brisbane RoarWestern Sydney Wanderers07:10pmField 3A
18 Aug3Newcastle JetsCentral Coast Mariners06:15pmField 3B
325 Aug1Sydney FCPerth Glory06:15pmField 3A
25 Aug2Western Sydney WanderersBrisbane Roar07:10pmField 3A
25 Aug3Central Coast MarinersNewcastle Jets06:15pmField 3B